Organic cotton is grown with natural compost that replaces chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is GMO free and the water consumption required for its cultivation is halved compared to conventional cotton. Its fiber is bleached with hydrogen peroxide and not with chlorine. The dyes are made without heavy metals or other carcinogenic substances.

Soft and supple, the organic cotton fiber is thiker and non-allergic. The organic cultivation of cotton allows producers, by reducing their investments, to leave the gear of the debt. It improves their working conditions, their health and that of those around them. Crop rotation in organic farming helps to oxygenate the land and preserve its richness.

All Anselme Collection products fro Summer17 are made with organic cotton, to insure that our custumers feels well and happy to wear it. We respect nature and earth future wildlife.

Anselme Collection and nature are made by resistance